Which insulation material is right for my home?
E & E Niagara Insulations Ltd., located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, can help you determine which insulation material is the right one for your home. The professional installers will be able to assess what type of material your space requires so that it is up to code and meets all your needs for comfort.
All insulation materials are given an R-value or RSI value, which determines how easily heat can pass through it. The higher the R or RSI value, the better the barrier the material provides.
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Save money in your home by fitting insulation
Make your home warmer and cosier this winter thanks to some inexpensive insulation measures that will soon save you money, writes Julia Gray
1. If your boiler has a hot-water cylinder, the water will stay hotter for longer if you insulate it. Newer cylinders, such as Worcester's Greenstar range (, have thick built-in insulation, but older cylinders don't. Fitting a British Standards cylinder jacket should cut heat loss by more than 75% and could save you around £25-£35 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.
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Asbestos exposure increasingly happening at home, research shows
Overall rates of asbestos-related cancers may have slowed, but exposure to the toxic material is increasingly occurring at home, according to a report in the Australian Medical Journal.
The report, to be published on Tuesday, said patterns of exposure had changed since the importation and production of asbestos was banned in 2004.
A common source of home insulation in the 1960s and 1970s, asbestos is known to cause asbestosis and deadly cancers such as malignant mesothelioma.
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Province announces $100M program for upgraded home heating systems
Ontario announced a $100-million program Thursday to help homeowners upgrade their furnaces, water heaters and insulation, but did not provide a start date, eligibility rules or rebate amounts.
The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time help create jobs and lower residential natural gas bills, said Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray.
"This investment will help homeowners upgrade their homes and save money, while keeping Ontario on the path toward a low carbon future," Murray said.]
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The era of net-zero homes is upon us. These super-efficient homes use rooftop solar energy production and smaller, electric powered heating systems such as air source heat pumps to produce as much energy as they consume.
That’s some sexy technology, but it only gets us halfway to net-zero. The real secret is insulation.
Peter Amerongen is the principal director at Habitat Studio, a custom home builder and one of the pioneers of net-zero homes in Edmonton, Alberta.

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